Metal Roof

This rusty metal roof that leaked every time it rained is like many of the metal roofs that we deal with every day. Every square inch of this roof was power-washed using over 3,000 pounds of pressure to ensure that our coating system would adhere to the metal. After power washing, a rust primer was applied to the entire roof area. The rust primer is only necessary where visible rust is apparent and as you can see this roof definitely needed it.

After priming the roof, we begin the waterproofing stage. Every penetration, fastener and seam is addressed to make sure they do not allow water to pass through the panels into your building. On this roof, a polyester liner was used on every seam and penetration, and a brush grade acrylic was applied to every fastener to ensure all were water-tight.

The final stage is to apply two coats of an acrylic sealer over the entire roof to form a seamless rubber-like membrane that will keep this building cool and dry for years to come.

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