Modified Bitumen

This twenty year old modified bitumen roof is over a wood processing plant so as you might imagine a leaking roof is not only inconvenient, it's also costly due to down time and ruined product. The first thing we did was power-wash the entire surface with over 3,000 psi to ensure our system would adhere to the aged roofing material.

At that point the waterproofing stage began. We addressed every seam and penetration with a polyester fabric and silicone sealant. We sprayed an initial layer of silicone on to each seam, then laid the fabric into the coating and finally sprayed another layer of silicone. The same process was done around each penetration on the roof. The next step was to apply the fabric and silicone to larger areas in the field of the roof since this particular roof had aged to the point where leaks were throughout the entire surface.

After the fabric was installed in all the areas of concern the entire roof was sprayed with two more coats of silicone to form a seamless elastomeric membrane over the entire roof area.

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