Single-Ply Roofing

This single-ply EPDM membrane was approximately ten years old and at the time of the job, leaks were random throughout the system. The building owner wanted a coating system to waterproof the roof, to cut down on the heat within the building, and to prevent future degradation of the membrane.

We cleaned the membrane using an etching primer which is specifically designed to clean carbon and dirt off EPDM. We then applied the etching primer with a garden sprayer and power-washed the roof using 3,000 psi. of pressure. Next, we began waterproofing the roof by applying a butyl sealer and polyester fabric on seams and penetrations that were causing the building owner problems.

After completely waterproofing the system, we applied two coats of our bright white butyl top coat to the entire roof area to form a seamless elastomeric membrane that will last for at least ten years.

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