Smooth Built Up Roof

This smooth built up roof was in the beginning stages of breaking down. Here at Diversified Coatings, we don't understand why roofs were ever designed black. A black roof has limited ability to fight the harmful ultraviolet rays the sun puts out every day and in most cases degrades prematurely. To make matters worse, the heat from the black roof ends up in the building, causing either increased energy costs or just an extremely hot interior if the building isn't air conditioned. This building owner contracted us to apply our system on his roof to make it last longer and cool it down.

First, as always, we power-washed the roof with more than 3,000 psi to make sure the roof was extremely clean. We then applied one coat of the fabric bonding material to make sure our top coats adhered to the roofing material. Often times at this point, we would begin the waterproofing stage of our system, but this roof was caught before the leaks began. In this case the building owner was only using the Diversified Coatings system for preventative maintenance. So we then sprayed two coats of durable acrylic sealant to form a bright white, seamless membrane to make sure this customer's roof lasted for years to come.

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