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Coating Benefits

Stop Leaks

Roof leaks may appear little, but if ignored, they can cause huge difficulties. Our commercial roofing systems are built to withstand the most extreme weather and keep your building dry!

Extend Service Life

You can greatly prolong the service life of your roof with our commercial roof restoration, repair, and maintenance services, which means you won't have to worry about a pricey replacement anytime soon!

Save Money

Increase the performance of your commercial roof while keeping more money in your pocket. We provide a comprehensive choice of high-quality solutions that are less expensive than a total roof replacement.

Minimize Distribution

Your time is priceless! We provide high-performance commercial roofing systems that need less time to install and have a little effect on your daily operations.

Reduce Energy Costs

Fluid-applied roof repair technologies have been shown to cut energy use by up to 20% on average. They also create a cooler, more pleasant working environment for the building's occupants.

Improve Sustainability

Roof restoration technologies, as opposed to standard roof tear-offs and replacements, significantly reduce the millions of tons of debris sent to landfills in the United States each year.

About Us

We are restoring for a better future.

For over ten years, we’ve been successfully applying roof coatings and waterproofing solutions to millions of square feet with a wide range of coating materials and applications.

Diversified Coatings objective is to provide our clients with professional and long-lasting solutions. We are a recommended contractor for many manufacturers because we take pleasure in our work and in our people. We can match the product to the problem regardless of the substrate, and we can even back up our work with a Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Don’t wait for that small leak to turn into your next huge problem!

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